Thursday, November 13, 2014

Days 12 and 13: Syd and Bub and Bible Study

November 12th: Yesterday I felt especially thankful for Sydney.  She forgot her backpack at home, and we didn't realize it until we were at the school.  I told her it was her responsibility to remember her backpack (in which she carries her snack -- very big deal), and that I would bring it by later so that she wouldn't have to go without while all of the other children ate.


Lor, Bub, and I went straight back home, but then I got busy taking Ford's 10-month pictures, then put him down for a nap, then played a game with probably know where this is headed.  I looked at my watch at 11:15 and realized I forgot to take Sydney's backpack to the school.  I hollered at Lorelei to get in the car, snatched Ford out of bed, and hightailed it two blocks away (thank goodness the school is only two blocks away).  I sprinted into the school and up the stairs to her classroom, where all of the children were already seated and just beginning to eat.  I had a perfect view of Sydney from the doorway, and she had an empty napkin spread out in front of her, sitting patiently with perfect posture for her Mommy to bring her snack.  It broke my heart for no good reason, because I made it just in time and she had no idea I had forgotten about her, but lawdy am I glad I looked at my watch when I did.

Anyway, I'm thankful for Sydney.  She is super helpful and smart and funny, and sometimes needs help focusing and knowing when to tone it down a notch (or twenty). She certainly makes Chet and me strive to be better parents/people each and every day.

I already said I was thankful for Ford back on November 5th, but I feel like this is a good time to include his ridiculous 10-month pictures, since I mentioned them a minute ago.  Seriously, 10-month olds are not good at sitting still for pictures.

First they want to examine the paper that the "10 Months" sticker was adhered to:

Then hang their mouths open after you snatch the paper away and hold it high above their heads to get them to smile:

Then they reach for it, and end up producing the best picture of the bunch (sad):

Then for some reason you give the paper back to them, and they promptly insert it into their mouths:

Then they dive headfirst off the chair and into your lap (not pictured), because they would rather try to climb onto the chair themselves.  At least this produced a good chubby thigh view:
(I'm not kidding at all when I say he dove headfirst into my lap at least 10 times during this photo shoot.  Thank goodness we opted for Lorelei's chair instead of the actual living room armchair.)

Then I decided to remove his pants to make the pictures look a little more like the previous ones I took, in which he was wearing a white onesie (the white onesie was sacrificed for the candy corn costume):

A behind-the-scenes look at the madness:

He's mocking me:


I managed to get this shot by body slamming him onto the chair, then holding his left thigh in a vice-like grip:

Then sister distracted him:

Then he was over it.  This shot gives a good view of his giant top teeth:

By the way, Ford and Chet are twins, especially with their affinities for gray clothing:

November 13th: I am so thankful for the Thursday-morning Bible study that I attend at our church.  I love everything about it.

TGIF tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Great pictures! Nice teeth! Sydney knew Mom would come through with her snacks; she never doubted.

Casey said...

That Bubby; I love him!

Chet and Ashley said...

Haha, thanks!

Chet and Ashley said...