Monday, November 3, 2014

Modern(ish) Medicine and (Relatively) Good Health

Today, November 3rd, I am thankful for mostly modern medicine and the overall good health of my children.  That being said, all three of them have colds, in varying degrees of nastiness.  Sydney's is the worst, then Bubby's; Lorelei brings up the rear with minor cold symptoms.

I took Sydney and Ford to the doctor this afternoon, just to make sure it wasn't anything worse than what I suspected.  Here's a list of our manage-the-symptoms tactics:

  • Sydney and Lorelei received a teaspoon of honey about an hour before bedtime, as well as Hyland's nighttime cough and cold medicine (I'm not sure if that stuff even works, but I feel like it's worth a try).
  • Sydney also received a dose of Tylenol, because she's the only one running a (low-grade) fever, and she seemed miserable.
  • Sydney and Lorelei have the off-brand version of Vicks VapoRub slathered onto their chests and the bottoms of their feet (I'm not sure if that works either, but, again, worth a shot).
  • Sydney and Ford happily (not!) had saline shot up their noses in order to rid of some of the gunk.
  • Sydney and Lorelei have lotion and chapstick smeared all over the bottom half of their faces and lips (it seems like everything from the nose down gets chapped when they have colds).
  • Both kids' rooms have humidifiers blowing ultrasonic steam in their faces.

Hopefully these remedies keep them comfortable and asleep (unlike last night).

Ford (chewing on a baby wipe) and Syd at the doctor:

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