Sunday, November 2, 2014

Two Things on Day 2

Whew!  I wasn't sure I'd have a chance to post something today, but the kids are in bed and here I am!

Today I am thankful for two things:

1.  Chet's mom (Grammy), whose birthday is today.  Happy birthday, Mom/Grammy!  She is a special lady, and I am proud to be her daughter-in-law.  She is a very talented seamstress, and it seems that Sydney has picked up on the fact that I rely on her sew things every time she is in town.  Case in point: a couple of days ago I noticed a small hole in one of Syd's knit dresses, right in the middle of the dress (as opposed to a hole in the seam).  Sydney announced, quite bossily, "Well, we better send this to Grammy so that it can get fixed."  Perhaps I should have taken the comment personally, since Sydney obviously has no confidence in my ability to rectify anything having to do with a thread and needle.  But I did not take it personally, because the only thing Sydney has ever witnessed me doing that resembles sewing is using a seam ripper to remove Chet's name tags from his old uniforms.  Touché, Syd, touché.  Then, just a few minutes ago and out of the blue, Sydney said, "Grammy is a great grandma because she can sew lots of things."  Thoughtful pause.  "She must be tired!"

2.  I am thankful for the wonderful church we found.  In fact, just this morning we transferred our membership from our Gulfport church to our current church.  We try not to waste too much time getting involved in a church each time we move, and we always transfer our membership once we find the right church.  This makes sense for us, because it helps us to fully engage in our current church, and since we do not really have a "home" that we plan on returning to (who knows where we'll end up once Chet is retired from the Navy), there's no reason for us to remain members at any particular church.  Anyway, it was nice that we finally took that step.  Our next step is to do a baby dedication for both Lorelei and Ford.  Sydney was dedicated at our church in Jacksonville when she was about three months old, but Lorelei fell through the cracks (it took us a while to finally transfer our membership to the Gulfport church, and also because of Chet's crazy deployment schedules).  Sorry, middle child!

I mentioned that our friends Jed and Paige were in town this weekend to visit us.  We had a lovely time with them, and were sad to see them leave.  On Saturday we all headed to the National Children's Museum (the weather was cold, rainy, and windy) for the kids to get some energy out.  I think it goes without mentioning that such outings are downright pleasant when there are four adults and three children (one child per adult, and an extra adult to carry the diaper bag).  Here are a couple of pictures from the museum visit:


Sydney and Lorelei are on the set of bunk beds that were part of a "bedroom" display at the museum. It was by far their favorite exhibit.  Little do they know that their twin beds at home are actually bunk beds (I'm sacrificing floor space in their room for not having a heart attack).

I hope y'all had a great Sunday!

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