Friday, January 9, 2015

2015 Reading Challenge

Happy Friday!

I'm joining Modern Mrs. Darcy for her 2015 Reading Challenge.  I love this challenge because it's so flexible, and I'm looking forward to finding books that fit into each category!

Right now I'm reading Little Women by Louisa May Alcott.  This book fits into several categories for me (hence the flexibility of the challenge), but I'm going to file it under "Books I've Been Meaning to Read."  I actually own a hard copy of the book and have started reading it several times, but have never gotten very far.  I'm not sure why...

Do you have any suggestions/recommendations for any of the categories?  I need to ask my mom for a short list of some of her favorite books... ;-)


Melissa Legoudes said...

Gone Girl was a great book! Takes about 125 pages or so to really get into it but then you can't put it down.

Rory van Brackel said...

I recognize that kitchen for the 1st birthday celebration, the Lake Worth Wyckoff's in south eastern Florida. Yea for family holiday festivities! Oh to have been a mouse in the wall : ) Thanks for posting, Heather van Brackel