Thursday, January 29, 2015


It's been a while since I've done a "fashion" post, so let's do it!

I often say that I think both Sydney and Lorelei have fashion knowledge and foresight that I do not possess.  However, they've both been pushing the envelope lately.

Lorelei's never met a pattern she doesn't love and doesn't insist on pairing with several other patterns:

Her love for dance and gymnastics clothing outweighs her love of patterns though:

Apparently she's into makeup now too:

Sydney, on the other hand, is in a monochromatic stage with clothing these days:

ALL pink.  Too bad I didn't snap a picture of her on Sunday, when she wore ALL brown to a birthday party (she was calling herself "brownie").

She's gone from owning zero to three Elsa/"Frozen" dresses in the last four weeks.  The one below she bought with her own Christmas money in Orlando at our hotel's gift shop (more on that later).  The pink "Frozen" dress in the above picture, and another dress (not yet pictured -- I'll snap one ASAP) are from Grammy for Christmas/birthday, and are super snazzy.
Don't let the fact that she's wearing Chet's combat boots be lost on you.

Syd and Bubby were both wearing plum purple the other day, which was festive:

But sometimes she gets it just right (in my own, non-fashion-forward, and possibly boring, opinion):

And Bubby obviously wears whatever I put him in:
Is there nothing cuter than a baby in a puffer vest?!

Salmon-colored sweatshirt and blue cords:

 One-pieced outfits are my very favorite, especially if they are sweater material, like this one:

A little hard to see, but this is an old-school-looking turtleneck.  It accentuated his red, dry-from-the-winter-weather cheeks all day long:

And then, of course, he wears things like birthday bows on his head, courtesy of two big sisters:

Happy Thursday!

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