Monday, October 12, 2015

15% off your Mary Kay order!

Happy Columbus Day!

I was going to try to be cute by offering 14.92% off your Mary Kay order today, but decided it was much smarter to round it up to 15%.

May I suggest a couple of items?

If you love good-smelling shower gel, I recommend this:

I personally love it just as much as any Bath and Body Works shower gel (which I also really love).  Regularly $20, but only $17 with the 15% Columbus Day discount.

According to my friend Emily, this next product is a "miracle in a tube."  (She said I could quote her on that.)

Recently I've had issues with blemishes (a word I like better than "zits") on my cheeks; big, ugly blemishes that start way down deep and take months to clear up.  When one of these monsters began to emerge, I used this gel -- and am extremely happy to report that I was able to prevent this zit from earning its own zip code (because others before it have -- earned their own zip codes that it).  I agree with Emily that this stuff is a "miracle in a tube."  Regularly $10, but only $8.50 with the 15% Columbus Day discount.

Send me a text or e-mail (, comment on this blog, or place an order directly on my site (!  Both registered customers and guest checkout orders qualify for the 15% discount today!

I hope you continue to enjoy your Columbus Day weekend!

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