Sunday, October 25, 2015

It's a...


(I realize I am the worst blogger in the world for waiting five days after my appointment to post this.  I have a bad habit of assuming that everyone who reads this blog is only is a family member or friend, and that they already know the news.  I'm sorry!)

We found out Tuesday we're having a girl!  They don't tell you much at the ultrasound, but everything seemed just fine, as far as her being healthy.  I go in for a regular OB appointment this coming Tuesday, where they'll officially give us the results of the ultrasound (I don't expect there will be anything to discuss though).

Sydney and Lorelei are thrilled about having a baby sister (Lorelei was especially worried about possibly getting another brother out of the deal).  Bubby is oblivious, but I'm sure subconsciously thrilled that he will be surrounded by women for the next 17 years (hehe)!  I truly believe it takes a special man/dad/boy/brother to live with so many women -- Ford will make a great husband some day!

I didn't have a feeling either way regarding gender, but I think I would have been more surprised had they told me we were having a boy.  Truth be told, it would have been easier logistically to have another boy, because we have all the clothes and he and Ford could always share a room, but God knows how to plan families better than we do, and we are extremely thankful for a healthy baby girl!

As far as names go, we have no idea what we'll name her.  We had a boy name picked out (not because we had discussed it a lot, just because there was really only one boy name we both liked), but girl names are a different story.  Sydney is especially involved in the naming process this time -- she has some solid (albeit popular) suggestions.  Lorelei has suggested Elephy (as in "elephant," but ending in "y") and Hilda.  Feel free to suggest names in the comment section!

I think we will be super annoying one last time and keep the name to ourselves until she's born.   That probably means keeping the name from Sydney too (will we be able to evade her suggestions for the next 18-ish weeks?), otherwise she'll probably jump on this blog and let everyone know.

Here's the video (40-seconds long) of us telling the kids the gender:

I hope everyone is having a great weekend -- happy Sunday!

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations! The little sister will be spoiled by everyone.