Friday, October 14, 2016

Another week flew by!

Did everyone else have an "off" week because of the Monday holiday? It felt extra off for me, because the kids didn't have school, but Chet did. Thankfully, my dad was in town visiting to help keep everyone entertained! We, of course, went to Target:
Rare Mommy Sighting
...where we tried on Halloween costume paraphernalia:

I'm going to share a series of photos with you real quick (or really quickly):

Please raise your hand if you taught Ford to smile like this (extra cheesy, with cheese on top, and a dollop of canned squirt cheese on top of that), because I'm coming for you.

If you're thinking, "Oh, that's just his 'quick cheese' face that you happened to capture four different times," the answer is no, no it's not. That 3rd picture in Target? He was frozen in that very position for at least 20 seconds. My dad and I kept waiting for him to make a more natural face, but it never happened. Family Pictures 2016, here we come!

Back to Papa John's visit, we had a great time. He spoiled us, as usual, and really earned his Grandpa badge this visit by babysitting Ford and Ruthie while I was at the dentist, bathing Ford Monday night, pushing Prince Ford in the stroller several times around the block in the still-hot Austin weather, and changing TWO dirty diapers within the span of one hour. I realize this means he may never visit again, ha!

(As you can see, I took TONS of pictures.)

And a picture of my girls (Syd and Lor are wearing Primary clothing -- I wish they made clothes in my size):

Happy Friday and weekend, everyone!

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Anonymous said...

Love all the pics!!!
hugs to all!
aunt Shannon