Friday, October 7, 2016


Fridone -- When Friday has arrived, but you are DONE, and barely have the energy left to veg out on the couch in front of a 9-year old episode of "NCIS."  You also may or may not be making this face:

Please tell me we're not the only family that limps across the finish line at the end of each week.  And this wasn't even a hard week for us!  Everyone is just so tired and done for come Friday, and there are inevitably emotional meltdowns being had by people I won't name (me, Sydney, Lorelei).

I honestly have nothing more to say.  I'm thankful it's the weekend, and that tomorrow is the first Saturday in months we haven't had ballet to attend, or some other Saturday morning event.  Hooray!

More soon about our "Day Out with Thomas" (the Tank Engine) that we attended last Saturday.  In the meantime, HAPPY WEEKEND!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

haha - love that FACE!
Cute pic of the kids....they are all so cute and growing like weeds.
Sending love!
Aunt Shannon