Tuesday, October 4, 2016


I'm still here, and it's OCTOBER!!!  I've always loved October, and I feel like I'm extra allowed to love it since we have an October birthday in the family (Lorelei).  She'll be five in a couple of weeks!

This is going to be super quick and super random; I just want to post something so as not to fall out of the habit of regular blogging!

We don't waste any time wearing Halloween garb:
(Ford has been taking smiling lessons from Sydney, apparently.)

You can kind of see Ruthie's Halloween clothing in this picture:

I got this baby swing FO FREE this past weekend:

And apparently one of the girls hijacked my phone again, because I've never seen this picture before:
My guess at the culprit is Lorelei, because Ruthie looks like she just woke up.  I usually pass Ruthie off on Lorelei in the mornings while she (Ruthie) is in a good mood and so that I can get Ford out of bed, fed, breakfast dishes cleared, etc.  Ruthie's look says, "I'm pretty sure you're supposed to ask before touching that thing, Sister."

Happy Tuesday/October!

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