Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Ruthie: 6-Months Old

Yesterday Ruthie turned 6-months old!  I'm always very dramatically saying to Chet, "What did we ever do without her?!"

She had her 6-month doctor appointment this morning. She weighs 14 lbs, 10 oz (21st percentile) and is 25.75" long (42nd percentile).  Tiny and cute.  She sits up by herself but isn't a fan of trying to crawl (just like her sisters and brother!), and only gets upset when she can see me but isn't in my arms (eye roll).

Here's a review of her monthly pictures (since I think I only posted the first monthly picture anyway...maybe).
1-Month Old

Delinquent 2-Month Picture

3-Months Old

4-Months Old

5-Months Old

6-Months Old

And some more from the 6-month photo shoot...

"Ha ha ha, this is SUPER fun (no sarcasm intended)!"

"What in the..."

"Never mind, apparently it's time to sit up.  No problem, it's my new favorite skill.  Followed closely by composing contemplative poems about the meaning of life in my head."

"Oh, hey, we're still doing this.  Semi-cheese!"

"What in the..."

"Nom nom nom..."

And for those of you who think Ruthie looks like me, you're wrong (all due respect):
Because what you see here are Chet and Ruthie, twins born 34 years apart.

Happy Wednesday!  Lorelei started Pre-K this morning, so more about that Friday!

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