Friday, January 13, 2012

Chet is 30!

Yesterday was Chet's 30th birthday...happy birthday to a wonderful husband and father! 

Yesterday morning I was all set to get out of the house with the girls and go card shopping.  I was also going to get Chet a giant balloon...more for the surprise effect and Syd's entertainment than anything.  However, my plans were thwarted, even though we were all dressed and ready to leave the house by 8:00 a.m. (which is a miracle in and of itself!).  Lorelei has been congested lately (Chet, Syd, and I have been battling colds the last couple of weeks, so she caught it from us).  I took her to the doctor Tuesday, and everything was fine, but yesterday she was wheezing a little, so I was concerned.  But not concerned enough to haul them both to the hospital for an appointment (on Tuesday, her doctor said she may start wheezing, and that wheezing isn't necessarily a sign that her lungs are congested...does that make sense?).  Anyway, there is a doctor assigned to Chet's command, and I asked Chet to see if he could squeeze Lorelei in to just listen to her lungs.  But both Chet and the doctor were super busy yesterday morning, so I just stood by the phone, expecting Chet to call and say, "He can see her now!".  But that never happened.  And as time passed, I grew less and less concerned about the wheezing.  By this time is was the middle of the day, and time for Syd's 2-hour nap.  So, as you can see, my morning plans were thwarted.  And Syd didn't wake up until 3:00 p.m., which didn't leave us enough time to get out and back home before Chet got home in order to surprise him.  Sigh.  Perhaps we will get out this morning...after Lorelei wakes up from the nap she is currently taking...

Chet's combination Christmas/birthday gift from the girls and me was a drill press, but I wanted to do SOMETHING nice for his birthday, on his actual birthday.  So I ordered dinner for us (just he and I) from a restaurant we've been wanting to try, and that I know we will not have the opportunity to try before deployment.  It was so delicious, and we waited to eat until after Syd was in bed (7:00 p.m.), so it was also quiet!  Lorelei just sat in her bouncy seat on the table, watching us eat and chat.  It was as close to a birthday date as we were going to get!

Happy birthday again to my great husband (and his twin sister)!  We love you, and know that the 30's will bring much happiness!

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Anonymous said...

Chet, for some reason I thought your birthday was in February, but I'm usually confused about these sorts of things. Happy belated birthday. Welcome to your third decade! -PJ