Sunday, January 22, 2012

Quick Post and Some Pictures

As you can see here I still need to post about Lorelei's birth story and the crazy time we had in the couple of weeks after she was born.  But...we've been quite busy lately, so for now I will just post a couple of pictures, and promise that posts are forthcoming. 

Sydney, wearing her sling (a mini version of the one I carry Lorelei in!) and pushing her baby...with that dern pacifier!  (The pacifier is about to go...I'm so tired of it...and she's ready to be done with it...she just doesn't know it yet, ha!)

Syd's adorable outfit.

The lighting is terrible in this picture, but here is my sweet little drool monster, wearing a sweater (baby sweaters crack me up).

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Casey said...

Okay, that baby sweater is pretty funny!!! She's getting so big already!