Sunday, January 22, 2012

Adventures in Babyland (Part II)

You can read about Adventures in Babyland (Part I) here

...Syd arrived at the CDC on time (remember, that's the Child Development Center, not the Center for Disease Control, ha!).  It always seems to take forever to get her checked in at the front desk and settled in the room.  I wish the ladies who worked in the room would help speed things along, because after a few minutes Syd gets this really sad look on her face that says, "What did I do to deserve to be left here with all of these babies, Mommy?"  At least, that's what my Mommy Guilt tells me that's what she's thinking.  (And all of the other kids really do seem like babies compared to Sydney.  She calls all of them "Baby" and says "Bye, Baby!" or "The babies are crying!" when I pick her up later.)

Speaking of Mommy Guilt, I do not like it.  I think it's good for Syd and I to have a little break from each another every once in a while, but I always forget that when it's time to drop her off at the CDC.  I have to force myself to remember that it would be more unfair to strap her in the car seat, drive all the way to the Air Force Hospital, make her be still and quiet during the appointment, and inevitably get frustrated with her more than once.  Not to mention mess with nap time.  And we do not mess with nap time in our house.  Period.  Otherwise we would ALL go crazy.

Anyway, the crazy day I'm writing about occurred just over a month ago by this point.  But I still want to record a couple of memories before they are gone forever.  The doctor appointment was for Lorelei (her 2-month well-baby appointment).  She weighed in at 10 lbs, 12 oz, although I'm sure she's at least 12 lbs by now.  I don't recall her length or head circumference, but here is where she falls out, percentage-wise:

Weight: 47th percentile
Length: 43rd percentile
Head Circumference: 55th percentile

So, all in all, a pretty average-sized little bumpkin!  (That's what we call her, by the way: Bumpkin.  Bump, for short.)

She also received her first round of vaccinations that day.  She cried, of course, but she settled down pretty quickly.

One more thing.  I went back to the pediatric waiting room to feed Lorelei after she received her shots and before we went home.  There was another woman there with two little boys, who looked to be the same ages as Sydney and Lorelei.  Actually, I'm pretty convinced that her baby boy was born the same day as Lorelei, because there were four other babies born that day in the same hospital, and she was also at the doctor with him the same day Lorelei had her 2-week well-baby appointment.  Anyway, her older little boy looked about Sydney's age, but may have been a little older.  I observed them as Lorelei ate, and was happy to see that I'm not the only one who feels like she has her hands too full sometimes.  She was also feeding the baby, and simultaneously trying to keep her older little boy out of trouble.  Sometimes he listened to her, sometimes he ignored her, and the rest of the time he flat out disobeyed.  My heart went out to the woman, but also lifted my spirits.  Hopefully that doesn't sound too much like "misery loves company", but it really did make me feel better to see with my own eyes another stay-at-home mom who obviously loves her children, but sometimes gets frustrated when she only has two hands and cannot seem to always get through to her hard-headed toddler.  I wish I could have talked to her, but we were across the room, and her son's name was called for his appointment before I Lorelei and I left.  Perhaps at the next well-baby appointment, ha!


Casey said...

Literally cracking up @ you calling Lorelei "Bump"! That is just toooo funny!!

Anonymous said...

I know it is hard not to feel guilty, but trust me, it really is good for you as well as Sydney to have social interaction.....

Sounds like the little bump is growing as should be - so cute!
Love the pictures, and you are right, that picture of Syd's outfit is way too cute!!
Love to all,
Aunt Shannon

Danielle said...

ha. Oh, the joys to look forward to! I actually already had a taste of that when I was watching my friend's almost 3 month old, and had to go to the chiropractor. Aubrey was freaking out, the baby needed a bottle, and the dr. walked in ready to get started...I was just a LITTLE stressed out...LOL. At least I won't be alone!