Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Short, Random Post

Chet built us a new table.  Our "old" table (it wasn't very old) was a square-shaped bar-height table.  It was very pretty, but it wasn't working for us anymore.  So, instead of spending hundreds of dollars and hours searching for a new table, Chet built one for us.  It was so great, because it allowed us to "design" and create a table that meets our current needs, and because it gave Chet the opportunity to make some sawdust in the garage...something he's been missing!  I don't have a finished shot of the table in the dining area with the chairs (which we bought used at a furniture store and that I am planning on refinishing while Chet is on deployment), but here it is.

Mrs. Jay, Sydney's amazing home daycare provider from Jacksonville, visited us the weekend before last.  She and her family are relocating from Jacksonville to Gulfport this summer...we can't wait!

Here's my little Bump.  She found her hands a couple of weeks ago, and loves chewing on them.  She's also drooling a lot lately; perhaps she will cut teeth early like Sydney did.

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