Friday, January 27, 2012

Happy 2nd birthday, Sydney!

I can't believe my little girl is two-years old already!  Time really does fly.  We had a little party for her and Chet at the house last weekend.  It was, what I like to call, a "happy 30th Elmo" birthday.  We didn't really get into a theme, but there was "30" and "Elmo" paraphernalia present.  My family drove into town for the event, and we had a few neighbors over.  There were 13 adults (including us), and three children, which was totally kind of party!  I'll let the pictures tell the story...

My dad, in the kitchen, preparing some of the food.  (You can see balloons in the left-hand corner.  There were two awesome balloon bouquets at the party, but I didn't get a good picture of either of them.  Besides that, we didn't really decorate.)

Some more food.  The table wasn't completely set at this point though...

Fixing Syd's hair, RIGHT before people started ringing the doorbell.  The party was at 2:00, and that's exactly what time I got her up from her nap.  She was a little bewildered at the changes that had taken place downstairs while she napped.

The "little sis", waiting for the party to start.

The three kiddos.  They were having fun going crazy with the balloons, but Syd insisted on observing from the chair, holding her "2" balloon.

Syd, Didi, and Lorelei.  Syd saw this pacifier up on the counter (it belongs to us, but Syd doesn't use this kind), and insisted on having it.  Grr.

Sydney and Maddy.

The joint birthday cake.  It was delicious!

Syd looking suspicious (just like last year) as we sang "Happy Birthday".

Then she hid her face in Chet's shoulder.

She was a lot messier this year eating her cake.  Probably because she now knows what cake is, and tried to shove it in her mouth and ask for more as quickly as possible, since she hardly ever gets to eat it.

It is SO hard to get good pictures of children opening presents.  This was probably one of her favorite gifts.  It is a purse with a little dog in it.  She loves it!  She calls it "white puppy".

(Notice we lost the bow).

These pictures were taken a little later.  We only opened the gifts that non-family members brought during the party.  After the party we opened family gifts (although she still hasn't opened her gifts from Chet and me).  By the way, it is painstaking to watch her open presents.  She tears off one piece of paper at a time, and then goes to the kitchen to throw it away before tearing off another. 

New Gap hoodie from Didi.

Gap hoodie, dern pacifier, and white puppy.

Gap hoodie, dern pacifier, and new baby doll.

Cards and gifts from Grammy and Papa Greg (who couldn't make it :-( ).

A sweet puppy that looks like Chet's favorite dog growing up, Libby.  Sydney calls it "Wibby".

Grammy and Papa Greg sent an adorable sweatsuit, and Syd insisted on putting the jacket on the doll.

My dad (Papa John) got Sydney a tricycle for her birthday.  Chet put it together while Syd and Papa John went on a walk outside.  The tricycle was in the garage, and we surprised Sydney by opening the garage door and letting her discover it.  It was priceless.  And my camera battery decided to die at that precise moment. 

Didi and Lorelei, waiting for Syd to return from the walk.

Here they come!

She loves it!


Anonymous said...

A perfect birthday party! - PJ

Casey said...

LOVE all the pictures! I really laughed out loud at Syd going back and forth from the presents to throw away scraps. She is definitely your daughter! Lorelei is getting SO big and your mom looks adorable as always!!

Anonymous said...

I too laughed about her throwing away each piece of paper...too funny! Definitely the Sorrell in her...I have been told that when I was very young, that I would run to the bathroom and wash my hands after each bite of fried chicken (or whatever I'd have to eat with my hands)...
Loved all the pictures - Happy Birthday to you, Sydney & Chet! Lorelei was just a couple of months away from joining the January bunch! ha!

Aunt Shannon