Wednesday, June 6, 2012


It's been six days since Chet's surgery and he's been doing great.  The doctor discovered Chet's medial meniscus was torn, and he was able to repair it (the lateral meniscus was not damaged).  The meniscus repair means Chet will be on crutches for six weeks, and is not allowed to put any weight on his right leg or bend his knee past a 90-degree angle.  Five weeks and one day to go! 

Really though, he is doing great.  He's moving around so much better than I thought he would be able to (better than I did after my surgery so many years ago!).  He's decided to stop taking the prescribed Percocet, and is only taking Motrin for pain.  His first physical therapy appointment is tomorrow morning, and his post-op appointment is June 12th.

My dad drove into town to help with the girls, so the day of surgery we left Sydney at home with him, but Lorelei accompanied us.  It was a long day at the hospital, but she was a trooper. 
Before Surgery
He did not have to wear the hat yet, but decided to anyway...

I had plenty of time to play with Instagram in the waiting room:

3 days post-op (he's going to get me for posting these):

4 days post-op (we just removed the giant bandage):

4-day old incisions compared to 13-year old scars:

Now he's allowed to get the incisions wet and use bandaids alone to cover them.  Speaking of bandaids...the only ones we had in the house at the time were Princess bandaids.  I've since purchased manly bandaids.

Hmm, I just realized the pictures were sort of gross...sorry about that!


Casey said...

Your pictures of Lorelei are adorable!!! Great job. Log in with your facebook so I can follow you and your pictures! I'm on it too!! I love the princess band aids! Too Funny! I'm glad he's doing well - 5 weeks will go by fast! Lucky him that you're home now to help take care of him. PS, I love his pink side table too!!! You can tell your house is full of girls!

Anonymous said...

Glad all went well...tell Chet we hope he heals soon. And as far as the band-aids, I think he should continue sporting the princess ones :) hehe
Much love,
Aunt Shannon