Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day

Perhaps this is what I should have posted about yesterday rather than my giant post about Sydney...but I hadn't finished taking/uploading pictures, so think of this as my way of extending the Father's Day celebration one more day!

Happy Father's Day to my wonderful dad, stepdad, and father-in-law.  I am truly blessed to have these three wonderful men in my life. 

Random pictures, huh?  But great pictures!  The first one is my dad and me on my Commissioning Day (May 26, 2006), the second one is my stepdad, mom, and me on Chet's and my wedding day (July 22, 2006), and the third one is Chet with his dad and brother...I think May 27, 2006, during my Commissioning Week.  We all look so young, ha!

The last two years I have had the opportunity to spend one-on-one time with my dad that we haven't had in probably 10 years, before I left for college.  He visited Sydney and me in Jacksonville (while Chet was in Djibouti) to help us move from our old house on base to our new house on base; he was here last October when Lorelei was born, when Chet had to leave again for a field exercise (shortly after her birth), and he was just here about two weeks ago to help with Chet's surgery (well, not the ACTUAL surgery, but you get what I mean).  My stepdad and father-in-law have also been more than generous with their time (and muscles) over the last few years, as we move from house to house, place to place.  We love you!

We had a wonderful, low-key Father's Day here at home with Chet.  We started the morning at Starbucks, and then headed to church.  The middle of the day was quite normal around the house, and then we cooked hamburgers on the grill for dinner while Syd played in her pool in the backyard.  I'm sure Chet would have loved to spend part of the day at the beach...but crutches and a knee brace are not exactly beach gear.
Before Church
Instagrams (of course):
Starbucks, Chet and Lorelei

Starbucks, Sydney (she did not want to pose with daddy and sister)
Opening cards after dinner

Chet is an amazing father (and husband), and he gets better and better every day.  Sydney and Lorelei are truly blessed!

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