Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sydney Update

I've been meaning to post a good Sydney update for weeks now.  Here are current Sydney facts, in no particular (very random) order:

  • She is potty trained (except when she sleeps).  I started potty training her the Monday after we returned from TX in mid-March, and by the end of March she was good to go.  On the afternoon of Potty Training Day #1 (after a frustrating morning), I had decided to postpone the process, thinking she wasn't ready.  Well, apparently the stress of that morning was all she needed, because even though I put her in a diaper for the next week, she refused to potty anywhere other than in the toilet.  So...I followed her lead.  She's probably had five accidents since the end of March, and all of them were within reason (does that makes sense?).  I realize that I am extremely fortunate it was such an easy process.

  • The leaps and bounds she makes in the speech department each week astound me.  She grasps the terms "later" and "tomorrow", making things SO much easier (well, she at least grasps them well enough to accept an answer like "We'll go to the pool later").  She also likes to sing.  Her most recent favorite is the Rolling Stones' "Get Off of My Cloud".  Here are some typical Sydney sentences: "Fix my hair, Mommy"; "Daddy, your knee hurts? Are you okay?"; "No, Lorelei! That's my blanket! You can't have it!".  If she's asked, "Sydney, what's Lorelei doing?", she'll say, "She's doing saying 'Ma ma ma ma' " (yes, I meant to type "doing" and "saying" right next to each other, ha!). 
Lorelei "torturing" Sydney
  •  She likes to go places.  If she feels as though she's been in the house too long, she'll gather her shoes (she can put her Crocs on by herself) and go to the door and tell us she's ready to go.  Recently she states WHERE she wants to go: the library, church, the CDC (Child Development Center), the pool, the park, on a walk, Walmart, the NEX (Navy Exchange), etc.
Ready to go (she didn't actually wear those rain boots out...not with that outfit)
  • She still takes a pacifier when she naps and goes to bed at night.  I'm okay with that.  She has no problem giving it up when she wakes up; she knows right where it goes (in her dresser).

  • Speaking of naps and bed, she is a fantastic sleeper.  She takes a 2-hour nap every day, pretty much without fail.  She's super easy going when it comes to a naptime/bedtime routine: we basically just toss her in the crib, and even if she's not tired, she'll just roll around, talking to the bear and baby doll she sleeps with, until she falls asleep.  Even if it takes her an hour.  I've been lazy with bedtime lately, but she basically goes to bed at 8:30, and wakes up between 7:00 and 8:00 a.m.  Again, when she wakes up in the morning, she's content to roll around in bed until we come get her.
Obviously not sleeping here, but tired, I'm sure.  I don't have any pictures of her sleeping...I wouldn't want to wake her up!!
  • I mentioned her crib above.  I plan on keeping her in it as long as possible, I suppose until she outgrows it or attempts to jump out.  She never stands up in her crib, unless we're in there to get her out.
  • She's not a daredevil (probably one of the reasons she doesn't stand up in the crib).  I don't really have to worry about her sprinting away from me when we're in public (she'll do it on occasion, but usually only after she's consumed sugar, ha!), or climbing things too advanced for her skill level at the park. 
Obviously, this picture suggests otherwise
  • When she is in a setting where there are other children, she is a "watcher".  Sometimes it's like she's frozen, taking in their every move, but unable to move herself.  She's not really a follower though.  Only rarely does she imitate other children's behavior (thank goodness).  Because large group settings aren't really her thing, she tends to gravitate toward adults (and not just Chet and me). 
The closest "watching" picture I could find, ha!
  • She is quite silly, but only when she's around people she's comfortable with.  Most people probably think she's shy and reserved, but no way!  She can also be quite moody...probably typical of most 2-year old girls, but I think Syd has a special flair for the dramatic.
I dress them as if they're twins

Working out with Jillian

  • She's a pretty darn good eater.  She doesn't always eat as much as she probably should, but she's not picky (as far as variety) for a 2-year old.  Some things she loves: edemame (soy beans), hard-boiled egg yolks, and hummus.  (You would think we're a bunch of health nuts around here...not really!)

I could probably go on and on, but I have to stop somewhere.  We love our Sydney Jo!


Anonymous said...

A perfect posting for Father's Day -- about kids! Nice pics.....PJ

Casey said...

such cute pictures!!!! I cracked up at the one with her finger in her nose!!!! I love that you dress them like twins...I would totally do that toO!! She's getting so big already!! I can't wait to see her! TWO DAYS!

Anonymous said...

great pictures, and I love the update :) how you dress them alike....they are just adorable!
Aunt Shannon