Thursday, June 28, 2012

Urgent Care

We  had a little bit of an eventful morning here in Tejas.  First of all, Sydney does not react well to mosquito bites.  Tuesday night I noticed she had a mosquito bite on the outside corner of her left eye.  Wednesday morning it was a little swollen, but not too bad.  Wednesday after her nap it was more swollen, and this morning it was even MORE swollen.  Like this:

Isn't that SCARY?!  Anyway, I decided to take her to a minor emergency clinic, just to make sure it wasn't more serious than the reaction from the mosquito bite.  By the way, I put a Band-Aid on it so she wouldn't scratch it...keep that in mind for later in the story.

We arrived at the clinic, and as I was filling out the forms, Sydney (who was standing on the floor, facing a chair and using it as a table as she played with my phone) slipped, bumped her chin on the seat part of the chair, and bit her lip.  There was blood, so we were ushered into the back sooner than expected.  She is totally fine, but wowzers.

Turns out her eye is fine; it's nothing more than swelling from the bite.  I will sleep better at night knowing that.  The doctor said I could give her children's Zyrtec to help with the swelling, adn prescribed a stronger-than-over-the-counter topical steriod for future swollen mosquito bites (not for this one near her eye though). 

Back to the Band-Aid: the doctor told me the Band-Aid wasn't really necessary, because it didn't help the bite.  Um, DUH!  As if I didn't know that!  I thought I made it clear to her that I put it there simply to prevent Sydney from scratching the bite, but I don't think the doctor was paying attendion when I said that.  She is probalby laughing about my ignorance to her co-workers as I type this (oh well, ha!).  Poor Syd, she got a taste of what an eyebrow wax feels like when I took the Band-Aid off.

By the way, the bite isn't bothering Syd at all.  She doesn't claim that it hurts, so all is well in her little world.  After the lip biting incident at the clinic, she was all smiles, thoroughly enjoying her new surroundings and all the attention.  Lately she has been carrying Nala and a pink blanket around whereever she goes.  She loves to be covered up and pretend like she's sleeping.  She wanted to do this on the examining table at the clinic.
Waiting for the doctor

Acting dramatic


Casey said...

Oh my! That poor eye is scary!! I'm glad she's okay! She is too precious - I love how silly she was at the Dr.

Anonymous said...

Can't believe that is just from a mosquito bite - poor baby! xoxo to her!!!
Aunt Shannon