Thursday, June 21, 2012

TX and a couple pictures...

The girls and I are in Texas!  We left Mississippi yesterday (Wednesday), swung by New Orleans International Airport to pick up my mom, and made the rest of the journey to Humble.  We arrived about 7 p.m., and were pooped, but it really was a pretty pleasant trip.  The girls were fabulous during the drive, which always surprises me.  We will be here almost three weeks, because I have a high school reunion and a wedding to attend during that time.  Chet is home in Gulfport with his mom to help him get around while he is still on crutches.  We will surely miss him (already do)!

Here is Sydney yesterday at one of our Walmart breaks (we always try to find a Walmart to stop at during long car rides, because Syd can run around the store without making me feel like a hooligan mother).  She has bandaids all over her body because several mosquitoes bit her Tuesday night and the only way she won't scratch is to cover up her bites.  She is very serious about her bandaids, ha!

Here is Syd carrying her baby like Mommy carries Lorelei.  Side note: my mom unboxed all of my baby dolls and their accessories for Syd to play with.  She is on cloud nine.  Anyway, here she is on our morning walk, standing in front of a neighbor's beautiful flower bed.

Speaking of beautiful flower beds, here is a shot of my parent's front yard.  I was so impressed when I saw it, especially since all of the "yards" in Mississippi consist of weeds!  (Seriously, nothing wants to grow in Mississippi soil.)

Recently I have decided to start taking better pictures.  We have a great camera, so I really have no excuse.  My first "assignment" is to read the instruction manual that came with the camera.  I am slowly but surely learning more, but I have a long way to go.  I know there are a million resources out there, but I need to not let myself get overwhelmed.  Here are a couple of practice shots.  (Note: I am still shooting in automatic, but my goal is to shoot in manual.  I also know nothing about editing or editing programs yet.)

I was holding Lorelei when I took this one, ha!

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Casey said...

I love that your mom kept your babies!! We had many many hours of fun with those babies! Cori has had mine out for a few years now and she loves them!! Your parents yard looks wonderful, but I can't think of a time that it didn't. They always keep it up real nice!! Watch out for that scary neighbor while you're here!! =)