Monday, October 1, 2012

Happy October!

Happy October!  We are glad to bid farewell to September (and hopefully hot weather) and welcome October (and hopefully cool weather)!

This morning the girls and I went to the mall.  Before we left, I told Chet I was planning on going to Bath and Body Works for some hand soap.  I asked him, "Is that okay?" (because we already have a big refill bottle of b-o-r-ing SoftSoap).  He said, "Sure, we're out of soap, right?  Me: "No."  Chet: "But we're out of festive soap, right?"  Haha!  He knows me too well.



Casey said...

Oh My Goodness L gets a birthday this month!!! How nuts! I love the first picture of them! I was comparing features and besides the big blue eyes and blond hair....they don't even look like sisters! I can't wait to watch them grow and see who they become! LOVE the Halloween outfits! I need to get my kiddo's some orange!

Anonymous said...

LOL - that is so me on the soap!! I stock up on that soap whenever I can!!

I can't believe how big the girls are getting...they are just precious. Give them hugs from all of us in GA!!

Aunt Shannon