Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Quick Update and Outside Pictures

I'm not really sure how 10 days passed so quickly since I last blogged.  I think Chet's 4-day weekend (Thursday through Monday) had all of us thrown off our schedule (in a good way, of course).  I completely forgot about last week's "Thursday Thoughts", probably because Thursday felt like Friday, and yesterday felt like Wednesday...sheesh.  Don't worry though, you'll definitely be getting my sage advice this week!

Here is a quick update, in no particular order, bullet-style:
  • I got a haircut last Thursday.  It's really short, but I like it.  Pictures to follow.
  • Sydney has a cold.  I took her to the doctor yesterday; her lungs are clear and she doesn't have a fever, but we're sort of stuck in the house so as not to infect other people.
  • Lorelei will be a YEAR OLD in one week. 
  • We are getting Lorelei's 1-year pictures made (and a family picture) this Saturday.
  • We are visiting West Palm Beach in about 10 days.
That's it for now; I'll move on to the pictures.  We've been spending a lot of time outside since the weather has been nice.

Syd likes to throw rocks from this bridge into the little creek.

Her hair is always sticking up!

This next series of pictures is so silly/ridiculous.  I am (obviously) terrible at holding the camera and capturing a good shot, but Chet and I just kept trying even though the girls got sick of it.  (I like how vain I seem because I am in the center of every single picture, ha!)

Different day, at the playground.

See?  It's ALWAYS sticking up!


Anonymous said...

Hahaha....I like to see hair sticking up! I like all the pics, especially the one with Lorelei tuning up in the family shots! Enough of this, she says...let's get moving again!! -PJ

Casey said...

Love the pictures! Next time, have Chet take the pics, his arms are longer! I can not believe L will be ONE already!!!! !