Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Pink Hat

There are no blog-worthy thoughts swirling around in my head today, so today's Thursday Thoughts will consist of pictures.

Remember Sydney in this pink hat?

Lorelei is wearing that hat now, and she looks just as cute (and sort of like a little boy, but that's okay!).

Oh, yeah, and there's my haircut.

Lorelei wearing this pink hat makes me realize how quickly the first year of her life has passed.  Remember back at this post when I said I would tell you about Lorelei's birth day, etc.?  I still plan on doing that...before she turns one (which gives me six days--eek!).

And here are a couple of Sydney, in her pink visor.  She was pushing her pig in the stroller, and he needed his picture taken too (according to Syd).

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Anonymous said...

Nice haircut!