Wednesday, October 17, 2012

More Birthday Pictures

I'll probably have even more pictures than this to post, but I don't want to get behind!

Here are the birthday preparations we did last night:

Her birthday chair, like Sydney's:

I just realized I've never posted pictures of our living room furniture, so here's a tour of the rest of the living room:

Stroller parking:

Here's a closeup of the picture on the wall, taken (back in April) by the talented Kaci, owner of Sweet Southern Style Photography:
Back to the other side of the room:

That's the front door, over on the left:
Back to the couch:

Pretty pillows from Pier 1.  Throw pillows, in general, are expensive!  When we were pillow shopping, Chet said, "We should just make our own pillows...and sell them!"  I was right there with him until the "and sell them" part.  I'm just not interested in launching a throw-pillow-making business right now.  Especially since I don't even know how to sew.
Birthday balloon:

We sang "Happy Birthday" to her first thing this morning:

Isn't she the cutest little thing?

Sydney singing:

She loves the balloon:

And she loves her chair:


Sydney is the bow police:

But Lorelei doesn't care:

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