Friday, February 22, 2013

Since it's been a week...

...I suppose I can provide a little update with some pictures.

Valentine's Day was uneventful, unless you count another trip to the ER (the morning after Lorelei got her head glued back together) for them to slap a big piece of tape on her head.  Because Lorelei sleeps on her stomach and therefore rubs her head back and forth on the mattress all night, I was worried that the glue wasn't holding properly.  The doctor said the wound looked fine, but she was also concerned that the glue might come off if not protected.  So, like I said, the solution was a giant piece of clear packaging tape that had a fancy medical name but that I'm sure I could have purchased myself at the nearest Post Office.  Hmph.  I immediately began dreading the day we had to pull the tape off, because it was stuck right to her hair.
Check out that lone tear.
I did not get a good picture of the girls all dressed up in their Valentine garb because they were wild heathens all day long.


They were even especially wild at the dinner table:
That is not allowed, L!

Aren't these Valentine place mats cute though?  I got them last year on clearance at Pottery Barn Kids:

Here are the flowers I got for my birthday:

People always comment on how tiny Lorelei is, but I just laugh because they obviously haven't had a close enough look at her legs:

The girls were sitting together all cute on the porch one evening and I tried to take a picture, but it didn't work out because Sydney tried to hold Lorelei's arm too tightly:

Which made Lorelei make this face, and my scolding caused Sydney to do this strange thing with her finger:
Yes, that is dirt on Lorelei's mouth.

But Sydney was happy a few minutes later after she put the white puppy in this cup:

Sometimes Sydney's stuffed animals need to go to the bathroom, and then get a diaper change:

Gross, right?  The potty part at least.  Don't worry, she washed her hands afterward.

Lorelei has started throwing an occasional fit:

But once you get a little food in her and let her put on a pair of Sydney's shorts over her pajamas, she's happy again:
And back to Lorelei's head...yesterday we went back to the ER for help to remove the tape, and the result was much better than I expected!

Happy weekend!


Casey said...

These pictures, and your descriptions are hilarious! How cute are those girls?? L's big blue eyes are amazing!!!! Cori is really into making crazy faces too, when I get the camera out. Levi has learned well. Even if I have my phone in my hand he starts saying "Cheeeeeeeeese"

Chet and Ashley said...

Aww, thank you, Case!

Yes, it's cute when they say "cheese"...but it certainly makes the pictures cheesy doesn't it? Imagine that, ha!