Friday, February 1, 2013

Week 4: 21 graces

1. A clear schedule after a full week
2. A noon-time walk with our neighbor and her dog (which gives Sydney just enough "dog time" that I never feel guilty about not having a dog of our own!)
3. Catch-up phone calls
4. A husband who can manage the children and house alone half the day while you are tied up with a commitment
5. Tired children (because they expended all of their energy playing outside in the fresh air)
6. A good (never as good as Texas, but close enough) Mexican food restaurant
7. My first baby turning 3-years old
8. Not having a birthday party -- and making her feel special enough all day long that she didn't even notice
9. Sydney saying, "I'm three (fwee)!" to everyone she saw
10. Touring a wonderful, Christian-based preschool (and praying the waiting list isn't so long we can get in come August!)
11. A quick trip to the library...
12. ...followed by a quick trip to the coffee shop
13. A fantastic insurance company
14. Technology, and how it makes staying in touch nearly effortless
15. Having 20 minutes of quiet to finish cleaning the post-dinner kitchen
16. Sydney not being afraid of the dentist...let's hope it stays that way
17. Baby toes (my 15-month old is still a baby, right? Right?!)
18. A late-night grocery trip with Sydney (she's a good little helper, even late at night)...and finally having the ingredients to make "real" dinners instead of "Hmm, what can I combine that won't make them gag?" dinners
19. Birthday wishes
20. Baking cookies with Sydney (and getting a little more brave in letting her help me)
21. Flower deliveries


Jordy Liz said...

Yes, few Mexican restaurants compare to those in Texas! Love the list.

Chet and Ashley said...

And only Texans truly understand!

Casey said...

We these were cute, and I LOL'd at your "Hmm, what can I combine that won't make them gag?" dinners -- too funny!!!!

Yes, Lore is still a baby!

Chet and Ashley said...

Haha, yes--no gagging=success!

Casey said...

#3 I was lucky enough to have some focused, catch up phone calls with long distance friends too. So refreshing and very much needed!

#8 We are doing this for my son's upcoming third birthday party (Feb 27th) too and I think I am even more excited than the elaborate birthdays I have done for him the past years. Just us and his Nonna & Pa Pa and he will feel so loved!

#11/#12 Were you following me? We did the same thing!

(Sorry, I am behind and catching up!)

Chet and Ashley said...

Haha, yes, I may have been following you! I wonder if we took a poll how many moms would report a library/coffee outing...