Sunday, February 24, 2013

House Changes: Sydney's Room

I don't know why I feel so compelled to post about changes I make around the house, but I've been meaning to for a year now (eek!), so I'm not wasting any more time!  (Perhaps I feel so compelled because this blog is what I do instead of scrap booking.)

The first post is about Sydney's room.  If you click here you will see the pictures of Sydney's room right after we moved and got it all organized.  It looked so warm and homey!  Now it looks a, what with all the white, but oh well.  It's more functional now, and we will not live here forever, and I am already looking forward to decorating her room in our next house (which I'm planning/hoping for her to share with Lorelei!).

Anyway, here are the current pictures of Sydney's room:

I think I need to "talk" as I go.  The biggest changes in the room are that the crib is now a toddler bed, and the changing table is gone (I moved it downstairs last March).  Since the bed is no longer a crib, her crib bumper has also been removed, which takes away a lot of the color that was originally in the room.  Her green rug has also been removed because she threw up on in in October 2011, leaving it permanently stained.  Also, I had to take off her pink crib/bed skirt, because the rails of the toddler bed made it impossible for the skirt to hang correctly.  (I can't wait to put it back on so that it will hide the toys that are under the bed!)

We converted her crib to a toddler bed this past September.  I had originally purchased a toddler bedding set, but then I realized the bed rails would make it nearly impossible to "make" the bed (neatly, at least).  So I returned the bedding, and revived the pillows from my full-sized Shabby Chic bedding set:

I'm happy with the set up for now.  We switch between this sheet:
...and a pink gingham sheet that matches her curtains.  She either has a pink or a white pillowcase, and she covers up with whatever random baby blanket happens to be clean.

This basket now holds dolls instead of blankets:

Her armoire now sits flush against the wall instead of catty-cornered:

Here's what the far wall looks like now that her changing table is gone:
(The closet door that remains permanently open hides the dollhouse from immediate view.)

The reason the room is more functional now is because I moved TON of toys upstairs last year, as soon as Sydney could climb up and down the stairs alone and could be trusted to play in her room without me in there too.  I moved the princess shelf from downstairs into her closet, and I love it:

My goal is to have as few toys toys downstairs as possible, and moving this shelf upstairs really helped.  I also try to rotate their toys once a week (the toys under her bed are the ones that are currently out of rotation), but I usually end up doing it only twice a month.

There you have it!  And in case this post was super boring to you and you even made it this far, here is a picture of Sydney at 16-months old, Lorelei's current age:

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