Friday, February 15, 2013

Week 6: 21 graces

1. A clean load of bleached, white laundry
2. A previous Saturday-morning commitment disappearing from my calendar
3. Figuring out Lorelei can imitate cows, cats, horses, and ducks
4. An early morning Walmart shopping trip (getting it out of the way opened up our whole weekend!)
5. Spontaneously congregating at the neighborhood playground
6. Saturday evening family frozen yogurt dates
7. Capturing hilarious pictures of the girls
8. Publishing an important-to-me blog post
9. Praying for my husband as he gears up for a very busy work week
10. Hobby Lobby
11. Getting in and out of Hobby Lobby without breaking anything
12. The freedom to pick up dinner to avoid a huge kitchen clean-up (even though I had ingredients to cook a meal)
13. Time to myself in the morning for a haircut and reading in the adjoining coffee shop
14. Going on an organizing/rearranging frenzy

15. FaceTime
16. Writing out Valentine cards (even though they're going to arrive late -- eek!)
17. Book Club
18. A quick trip to the ER (emphasis on 'quick'...more about that in this post)
19. Valentine candy
20. Chet unexpectedly arriving home from work by 5 p.m.
21. Relaxing in the evening for the first time since the weekend


Casey said...

#2 I need to be better about finding grace in this. The planner in me doesn't know what to do when my mind was all set up for a particular commitment or set task. :)
#8 This is always so refreshing! As you know with the two little ones it is so rare to be able to sit, think and compile a logical, flowing post anymore whereas before I could do it anytime.
#18 Hope everything is okay! We were in twice at the beginning of January due to Everett's stomach bug and it is never a fun trip regardless of the time frame!

Have a great weekend!

Jordy Liz said...

I love Hobby Lobby, too! It sounds like you had a great week, aside from the quick ER trip!