Thursday, February 7, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

Today's Thursday Thoughts are going to be completely random, because I've been a bad (read: inconsistent) blogger lately, and I feel like I just need to update y'all on whatever is on my mind right this moment.

Sydney went to her 3-year doctor appointment last Wednesday (January 30th).  She weighed 31 lbs and was 38" tall.  According to the not-so-specific growth percentile calculator I found online, she is in the 50-75 percentile for weight and 75-90 percentile for height.  The only developmental/intellectual question the doctor asked me was, "Does she know her colors?"  Um, yeah.

Then the doctor asked if she still used a pacifier.  Yes, at nap time and bedtime.  The doctor (who had told me before that one of her own daughters was also a "paci-aholic") said it was time to get rid of it.  Woo hoo!  Obviously I could have gotten rid of it before, but I suppose I needed the doctor to order me to do so.  The doctor talked directly to Sydney about getting rid of her pacifier (Sydney just nodded with a skeptically frightened look on her face).

I had heard of several creative ways to get rid of pacifiers, so Chet and I used those examples and came up with a game plan.  We gave her 7 days notice (we reminded her every day), and yesterday we mailed her pacifiers to a baby.  She put them in the envelope herself, and we went to the post office and she dropped the envelope in the big mailbox.  (The envelope was actually returned to me today due to lack of postage, which I figured might happen, but that's okay with me.  I just threw it in the trash.  It was addressed to my mom, by the way.  I would have just written "Baby" on it, but I didn't want to cause a "scare" at the post office.)  Anyway, Sydney has successfully napped and slept at night without her "baba" (what she named her pacifiers...weird).  We made a big deal about it leading up to the event, and I made a big deal at the post office, but since then Chet and I act very nonchalant about it.  We casually remind her, "You mailed them to a baby" when she asks for them, and we don't say, "GOOD JOB FOR SLEEPING WITHOUT A PACI!!!!!" when she wakes up.

N. E. Way...

Today the girls and I went to the mall.  There were thunderstorms early this morning, but then the weather turned beautiful.  However, the ground was sopping wet, so I didn't feel like taking them outside.  Lorelei wasn't in the mood for her morning nap, so we packed up and headed east (the direction of the mall).  We took Highway 90, the road that runs along the Gulf of Mexico, and I snapped a picture (don't worry, I was at a red light):

I forget and take for granted that this Gulf is a mere four blocks from the base.  Now that Lorelei is more mobile, I plan on taking the girls to the beach this year (probably just to play in the sand) before it gets too hot (which gives me until about mid-April).

We arrived at the mall right at 11:00, so we headed straight for Chick-fil-a and had lunch.  I love when we have lunch out and I don't have to clean the floors under their chairs.  Sydney fed her white puppy chicken nuggets and "waffles" (waffle fries):

Lorelei said, "Cheese" (sort of) when I aimed the camera/phone at her.  She looks like a rugby player what with all those bruises and scratches on her head/face (all walking wounds...she's doing great walking, but...she's still a newbie walker):

Next we walked across the mall to the carousel.  They both love it.  I do not love it, because it makes me nauseous.  I have to stare at a stationary spot on the carousel, even though Sydney is yelling, "Look at me!" every four seconds, or I might lose my lunch.  Sydney's puppy also rode the carousel, and I had to remind Sydney to "hold on!" instead of only holding onto the puppy as we twirled 'round and 'round.

After the carousel we took one last bathroom break and headed home.  It was only after we were in the car that I realized Sydney did not act like an escaped convict on our little adventure.  (When I go places like this, Lorelei usually rides in the umbrella stroller, and Sydney walks.  Syd really is doing great at listening and not running away from me.  She's even...dare I say it? to take places.)

In case you couldn't tell in the above pictures, Sydney got a hair cut (Tuesday).  I was supposed to get a haircut, but childcare plans fell through, so I gave Sydney my slot and rescheduled my own appointment.  I took these right after the haircut:

As I type this post, I am downloading pictures from my phone onto the computer.  I almost never plug my phone into our computer, and I know I should do that more often.  I have way too many picture and videos on the phone, and when I want to use pictures from my phone in a blog post, I usually e-mail them to myself and then save them to my computer.  That is silly and inefficient.  And even though I have been an iPod owner for a long time, I still fear the technology of the iPhone/iCloud, etc.  And it's so tricky (in my opinion) when you have more than one "i" device and they all get plugged into the same computer.  But, as we all know, knowledge is power.  So, today, instead of plopping down in the chair and turning on the boob tube (am I allowed to say that?) during the girls' nap time, I decided to face my fears.  And write a random blog post.  And sometimes I stop typing and pick up my Kindle to read "Cutting for Stone."  (I warned you this post was random!)

(I promise I don't watch TV every day during nap time. Only sometimes.  And wouldn't you know, nap time TV-viewing never leaves me with a sense of accomplishment...)

We went on two morning stroller walks this week, Monday and Tuesday.  For my benefit, not theirs (they weren't allowed to exit the stroller).  I've been making too many excuses lately (usually Lorelei's morning nap) about exercising.  So I made a plan and stuck with it.  Can you tell they were thrilled?

(They actually enjoyed it.)

One last thing.  We bought a van!  New Years Eve.  We love it.  It's a Toyota Sienna.  We still have all three cars, but we are going to sell my beloved 4 Runner.

(Nevermind the column that blocks your view of the van.  It seems I was too lazy to step out onto the porch to snap another picture.)

Happy Thursday!

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