Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Week Sixteen: 21 graces

This week I am dedicating my "21 graces" post to my sweet, 3-year old Sydney.  Preschoolers are crazy little people.  They are simultaneously quite frustrating and extremely sweet and funny.  This week I decided to not focus on the frustrating, but the sweet and funny.  Here are 21 quotes from Sydney throughout the week:

1. While stroking my early morning, un-fixed hair: "I like your hair, Mommy."
2. The self-check out register at the grocery store said, "Thank you for shopping at the Commissary!"  Sydney shouted, "You're welcome!"
3. She finally removed her socks after slipping several times on our tile floor.  She slipped again and said, "Oops, I slipped!  Maybe I should take off my toes."
4. Lorelei pointed to my fork and said, "Baboo!"  I held up my fork and said, "Fork."  Sydney said, "Mama, I think she said 'baboo.'"
5. "Daddy, can we make a castle out of blankets?"
6. Chet gave her a glow stick to use inside her castle of blankets.  She said, "This helps the dark."
7. After laying in her bed for over an hour, but not napping: "That was a good, fun nap!"
8. To her stuffed hippo: "I'm so glad you're here!"
9. "I think it's raining..."  (Chet was washing his truck and she couldn't see him using the hose from where she was standing.)
10. "There you go" after she helped me take my boots off.
11. When she wakes up in the morning she watches the PBS Kids app on the iPad while I get Lorelei up.  Lorelei wasn't awake yet, so I got into our bed with Sydney to read my book while she watched the iPad.  She patted my leg and said, "Do you want to watch the iPad with me?"
12. She likes for us to ask her questions like, "What's your name?" and "Where do you live?"  I asked her her name, and she said, "My name is tortilla."
13. I gave her a tic tac and she bit into it: "It makes my teeth spicy!"
14. Playing with and talking to one of her dolls/stuffed animals: "You're the baby and I'm the grandma."
15. I was looking at a shirt online to buy her.  I asked if she liked it.  She looked at the thumbnail picture of the shirt and said, "I think that shirt is too small.  I think it will hurt me if I put it on."
16. "Lorelei is so funny!"
17. "We always take naps after church and dance class."  (It finally sunk in after telling her over and over and over...)
18. "Can I try a hally penno?"  (Translation: "Can I try a jalapeno?")
19. This past week the girls started sharing a room (I moved Sydney into Lorelei's room).  She said, several times, "I like where my bed is now!"
20. I could hear her ordering Lorelei around in the other room while I was getting dressed.  I peeked in on them, and Sydney was sitting cross-legged on the floor, waiting for Lorelei to pick a book from the shelf.  "Mommy, I am reading books to Lorelei!"
21. Me: "Sydney, please don't stand on that chair.  Get down."
Syd: "Why?"
Me: "Because I said so."
Syd: "Okay, Mommy.  Next time I will not say, 'why.'"


Casey said...

These are hilarious! I could go one and on about Cori's little sayins. One on here that reminded me of Cori -- after eating an entire bag of hot Cheetos and then having to go tot he bathroom... "I can't eat Hot Cheetoes anymore, they make my butt spicy! (she said this loudly in the grocery store!!)

Chet and Ashley said...

Hahahaha, you could publish a book with all of the hilarious things Cori says! Seriously, we should be writing these down...if nothing else, they will help us get through the days when they're not acting all that cute!