Wednesday, May 1, 2013

"Good" Pictures and Syd's Mad Dancing Skills

I am learning about my camera at the rate of about one tidbit of information per every two months.  Better than nothing, right?!?!

Here are a couple of pictures I've taken recently:

Lorelei in her baker's hat.

Syd screaming at Lorelei.  Typical.

Sydney's dance recital is the 25th of this month.  She recently switched dance classes (not studios, just the class), and the teacher let me record her dance so that I could help her learn it (she learned a different dance in the other class; each class does its own dance).  Well, learn it she did!  She practices every day, and it's hilarious.  These pictures are not great quality, but here are her mad dancing skills:
Check out that emotion...

...and those toes.

Lorelei always joins in on this part of the dance.

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