Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Clutter-Busting Challenge

Money Saving Mom is doing a clutter-busting challenge that I have decided to join!  The challenge is to get rid of seven things every day during the month of May.  We will be out of town a few days in the middle of May, so I may not be able to get rid of seven things every day, but I'm excited for the challenge and the accountability!

Here are the first seven things I'm getting rid of:
  • canvas laundry bag
  • four waterproof pads (for changing diapers, etc.) that drive me nuts because they shed everywhere
  • a Disney poster that I thought we might someday frame (even though my kids have never been to Disney)
  • a monkey that screams when you throw it and it hits something (This monkey was a stocking gift one year from Chet's mom -- we all got one, and they are hilarious.  But Lorelei found it yesterday and about had a nervous breakdown when it started screaming, so I decided it had to go.  Sorry, Mom -- we love you!)
I mentioned sort of in passing that Sydney and Lorelei started sharing a bedroom last week.  That little switcheroo has had me in a decluttering mood, so this challenge was perfect timing!

What can you get rid of today?


Carrie said...

I got a lot of decluttering done today and it feels so great! I was able to package up some baby clothes to pass on to some friends, threw away some things, and found pictures I had in storage that are now hanging on my walls!! :-)

Chet and Ashley said...

That is awesome! Especially the part about the pictures going from storage to hanging all in one day!