Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Days Four, Five, and Six...

So I didn't realize, until yesterday, that this lovely clutter-busting challenge is only for the week days, and not the weekends!  This works out perfectly, because I got rid of 7+ things Saturday and Sunday, but will not be able to bust any clutter this Thursday or next Monday, so I'm right on track. :-)

Seven more items (easily) gone.  I wonder how many days it would take before I would stop finding things I don't need anymore?  Here's today's list:
  • five baby bottles
  • one pair of too-small Crocs
  • a toy that my girls never play with (until they saw it in the bag on our way to Goodwill...then they wanted it, ha!)  (Don't worry, it still went to Goodwill.)
Not the best picture, but here's the proof!
I tossed a variety of lotions and body sprays that I haven't used in ages and ages.  I think there were ten.  The next time I'm tempted to buy such an item, I need to pinch myself; I still have plenty. 

  • A reusable bag that came with a Subway kids' meal many moons ago
  • five empty containers that used to hold scented wax (why did I still have these?)
  • one giant pile of paper that I shredded (not pictured)
My dad arrived from out of town for a visit yesterday (Monday).  He mentioned that our house looked bare (a compliment from a member of the male species who isn't hyper aware of my clutter-busting endeavor!).
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