Friday, May 3, 2013

Week Seventeen: 21 graces

1. A fun, kid-friendly Friday evening work event.
2. A lovely baby shower.
3. Moving around furniture to finish the girls' shared room.
4. Blowing up the kiddie pool for the first time this year.
5. Subway for dinner...
6. ...thus a night off from cleaning the kitchen.
7. Chet teaching our Sunday School class.
8. Quickly reorganizing the girls' drawers and closet.
9. A Sunday afternoon nap.
10. An important, successful meeting.
11. A play date next door.
12. Listening to an awesome Focus on the Family broadcast (are any of their broadcasts not awesome?!).
13. One last lunch with a dear friend who moved this week.
14. Completing a closet organizing project in one day (I'm usually a   s l o w  organizer).
15. Type A Sydney, instead of whispering, "Goodnight, Mommy, I love you", whispering, "Mommy, pick up the Boppy" (it was on the floor).  I like when the last thing she does at night is make me laugh.
16. The very first words out of Sydney's mouth in the morning, "Mommy, last night Daddy forgot to clean out my ears, comb my hair, and brush my teeth!"  The girl is hilarious, I tell you.  And did I mention Type A?
17. The first day of May.
18. Starting a new, month-long, clutter-busting challenge.
19. Getting out of the house, despite the rain.
20. Lovely early Mother's Day tulips (since Chet will be gone for Mother's Day).
21. Dairy Queen's Chocolate Xtreme Blizzard.

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