Thursday, May 2, 2013

Day #2 (and more!)

It was easy to get rid of seven more things on Day 2 of the Clutter-Busting Challenge!  In fact, I was so eager to get rid of everything, I didn't even get a here's a list:
  • three baby hats my children never wore
  • a hair bow I've never liked, and therefore, my girls never wore
  • a bottle of bubble solution that doesn't really work, and that causes a fight between the girls every night come bath time (this went in the trash)
  • a million ketchup packets that were starting to make our kitchen counter look like the condiment buffet at a fast food joint (these also went in the trash)
  • a Pampers Gifts to Grow code that has been sitting near our computer for several days, that I finally entered and then trashed that seven, or 1,000,007?  My mom is also going to do the challenge; I can't wait to see how it goes for her!

In case you're not interested in clutter busting, here are some pictures along with a couple of tidbits of information.

Sydney got her hair cut today, and I tried to take a picture before her dance class. Instead of looking at the camera and smiling beatifically, she pretended to sleep and snore:

A few rare moments (if there are a few, are they still rare?):

Lorelei's hand on Syd's leg cracks me up.

Chet leaves tomorrow morning for his field training exercise for 3+ weeks.  He is happily (not!) packing as I type this, and the fact that I am typing this means I am avoiding the post-dinner kitchen mess and aiding him in packing.

Anyway, I caught a sweet shot of Chet reading to the girls before they went to bed.  I wonder if Sydney will notice his lengthy absence this time around...

TGIF tomorrow!

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