Thursday, June 12, 2014

5-Months Old

Happy 5 months (and one week) to Ford!

I took these pictures with my phone, but I also took some with our "good" camera. (Honestly, I think the phone pictures turned out better anyway.) We got a new computer over the weekend, and it may take me a while to copy our pictures onto it from the external hard drive, and figure out exactly how everything works (that makes me sound like a bit of an electronics dunce, which I am).

Without further ado...
Let's see, what's Ford up to these days?

He's still not too athletic, because Mommy is still a bit lazy about tummy time, etc. I'm just never in a rush for my babies to reach physical milestones. I know they'll do it eventually, and that's good enough for me. He enjoys playing on the floor, and loves to roll over to his side and grab things and put them in his mouth. He's very dexterous (Lorelei was/is too).

Ford caught a cold about a month ago, and I stopped feeding him solid foods while he was sick. I haven't resumed. I had hoped more food in his belly would help him sleep better at night, but that turned out not to be the case (I feel like I should know that by now, since he's our third baby). A hungry belly is not the reason he is not sleeping well, so I'm not in a hurry to resume solids.

Sleeping: we're working on it. I transitioned him out of the sleep suit:

Now he just sleeps like a regular baby:

But not very well. I borrowed the book "Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child" by Marc Weissbluth from my neighbor and am trying to read it as quickly as possible so that I can finally teach Ford how to sleep. I thought I knew a lot about babies and sleep, but lately I feel like I know next to nothing. (I think the problem is that Ford doesn't know how to fall back asleep on his own when he wakes up,  during nap time and at night. I wish he took a pacifier.)

Despite his sleep issues, we've decided to keep him. ;-) Ford is a delightful addition to our family; I feel like I've known him forever.


Anonymous said...

Ford is getting so big! Love his chubby legs....just want to squeeze him! Hopefully, he'll start having better sleep patterns. xoxo
Aunt Shannon

Casey said...

the pictures are great! Him sleeping like a normal baby makes him look so big!!! I just got a new computer too, for school, and I'm still learning how to use it. Windows 8 is tricky!!!!

Chet and Ashley said...

Sleeping is starting to go better, Aunt Shannon! His legs ARE awfully squeezable ;-)

Chet and Ashley said...

We got an iMac -- but without Windows 8 (yet) -- trying to figure out the Apple version of Word and Excel is killing me!