Sunday, June 29, 2014

Lorelei, according to my iPhone

Time for Lorelei's iPhone picture dump!

Syd actually took this picture. Isn't it sweet?

I guess you can call this a bit of a sneak peek of their room (I REALLY need to post house pictures!). I've tried to break out of my comfort zone regarding wall hangings at this new house, and this is a perfect example (although part of the reason I hung their names so high is because I don't want them tearing the letters off the wall). And she's wearing toddler work out gear.

She's a pretty good eater, most of the time (she might not be my child since she doesn't simply devour sweets). She also no longer sits in this high chair (which we got for Ford, used)--she has graduated to Sydney's Sweet Seat (a type of booster seat), and Syd has graduated to a regular chair.

Wingnut (wearing Syd's night gown).

Chet was feeding Ford some baby food (not sure why they were sitting on the couch for that), and Lorelei announced she wanted to help. She retrieved a baby spoon and a Croc, and commenced "feeding" him. It was equally hilarious and disgusting. (Don't worry, we shut down the operation pretty quickly.)

She loves making play messes. Sydney never really did that (DEFINITELY my child), but Lorelei has taught her well, and now they both do it. Here is an every day scene in our house.

Peeking out of the playhouse Chet built.

Her "passport" pictures from the two weeks she and Syd went to camp.

Chet wanted to visit Trader Joe's on Father's Day.

At Syd's gymnastics class.

Sacked out on the couch later the same day (gymnastics meant a missed nap).

At her camp sing-a-long--she was so little and cute (and was thrilled when she spotted me in the crowd)!

Having a snack outside of the library (in her bathing suit--in her/my defense, there IS a fountain nearby).

See! A fountain! Her hair is completely out of control, by the way. She has always had baby-fine hair, but now there is TONS of new growth, causing all of that fine hair to stick straight up and make her look like a troll. Watch, she'll probably have thick, luscious hair some day, more than all of us combined. And I will be completely baffled as to where it came from.


We love you, Lor! (Try not to covet the peach-colored tile in our bathroom.)


Anonymous said...

such cute pictures! I'm laughing at the one little girl in the camp sing-a-long picture with her hands over her ears.
Lorelei looks like she has quite the personality! I really need to get up there and visit!
Aunt Shannon

Chet and Ashley said...

Yes, you do! You would LOVE Lorelei!