Friday, June 13, 2014


Not sure why, but this week felt really long, and I am really glad the work week is through! 

Here are some random thoughts on a Friday:

--Our main nickname for Sydney when she was a baby was "Boogin' Head." It was the brand of her pacifier clip, and it seemed like a good nickname. Sometimes it was "Boogin' Bear" or even just "Boogin'."

--Lorelei's nickname as a baby, because she was born in October and is therefore my Fall baby, was "Bumpkin," as in the classic country song "Country Bumpkin." I love that song and it screams "Fall" to me because of the line "Hello, Country Bumpkin/Fresh as frost out on the pumpkin." "Bumpkin" was quickly shortened to "Bump."

--It's no secret that Ford's nickname/probably forever name is "Bubby."

So, happy Friday from Boogin', Bump, and Bubby! Apparently we're just a bunch of hillbillies living life in our nation's Capitol!


Anonymous said...

Such cuties!! Kisses to the 3 "B's"....
Aunt Shannon

Chet and Ashley said...

Thank you, Aunt Shannon!