Friday, May 22, 2015

Pre-K Graduation

Man alive this week has gotten away from me!  How is it already Memorial Day weekend?!  I still need to post about last Memorial Day weekend!  (Seriously, I do -- I always do this, too.  That is, I mean to post about blog-able Memorial Weekend activities, and then tell you about them the following year.  I know it's weird/lazy.)

Yesterday afternoon was Sydney's Pre-K graduation.  It was a very short, sweet ceremony, sans cap-and-gown (am I a bad person if I say I'm glad about that?).  The iPhone pictures I captured were terrible, but I'll share them with you anyway (and I need to check Chet's phone to see if he got any good ones).

Waiting for the festivities to begin.  Lorelei was well-behaved (thanks to a cake-decorating game app on Chet's phone -- please don't judge, we had to get her up prematurely from a nap for this little shindig, and she was on the verge of being a monster).  Ford, on the other hand, was a monster for the ceremony.  Not in a bad baby sort of way, but in a too loud, excited baby sort of way.  Distracting, nonetheless.

After the processional, about to sit in their chairs at the front of the church (Syd is in the big white bow, and one of her teachers is to her left):

Recessional (I told you I had no good pictures!  Why am I even posting these?!):

Greeting Lorelei:

Reception (Bubby wants something, hence the pointy finger):

Syd's bestie/next-door-neighbor to Syd's left:

Our girl:

Hey, look, I was able to upload a video!  Here's one of the songs they sang at the ceremony.  It's hard to hear the actual words, but you can tell that Syd is very serious about being precise with hand motions (just clapping in this case, but she always love any type of hand motion), and stopping when it's another class's turn to sing its part of the song.  (She had a church choir concert last Sunday evening, and there was a song where the girls sang one part and the boys sang another -- Syd kept shooting their girl to her left annoyed looks because the little girl sang the entire song.  She's the Precision Police, people...or is it the Accuracy Police?):

I hope you have a lovely (and short, if you're working today) Friday!


Anonymous said...

I thought your iPhone pics were just fine!

Ashley Wyckoff said...

Aww, thanks!