Monday, May 11, 2015

Why I've Not Been Blogging

Not including yesterday, it's been 38 days since my last post, so why not blog today?!

My dad visited last week, April 30th - May 5th. Within an hour of arriving he reminded me it had been a month since I last blogged, as if my own guilt wasn't enough... ;-)

Here's why I've not been blogging: on April 26th I started my Mary Kay business!  I'm very excited, very nervous, have no idea what I'm doing, and have been reading everything I can get my hands on to learn what I need to know.

If you know me well, you may be surprised that I decided to become a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant (such a snazzy title!).  I know, I know -- I'm surprised too.  I know next to nothing about make-up, but I can learn.  What really drew me in was the skin care aspect of the business.  My own skin care routine had come down to (sometimes) using a baby wipe to "clean" my face in the evenings before bed.  I knew it wasn't good, but I wasn't really sure which products to use to change up my routine.  Then I met Cheryl, who invited me to attend a Saturday morning pampering session which focused on Mary Kay's TimeWise (anti-aging) skin care line.  I immediately fell in love with the products, bought a few of them, and agreed to watch a video that Cheryl sent me that would explain more about the Mary Kay business.

Now, I'm no fool.  I knew that the point of the video, and Chery's follow-up phone call, would be to give me more information about the business and hopefully lead to me starting my own.  I had no intentions of starting my own business, but I really liked Cheryl, and was happy to help her out by watching the video/having a follow-up phone call.  I was also truly curious to hear a little more about the Mary Kay company.  I have three friends (none of whom know each other) who have Mary Kay businesses, and they are all nice, responsible, down-to-earth people who love the company.  So I was interested to learn more.

Long story short, I talked to Cheryl early Sunday afternoon (April 26th), Chet and I talked for the rest of the day, and then Sunday night I decided to give it a go.

These are the reasons I decided to start my own Mary Kay business:
1. I love the products.
2. I want to share what I learn about skin care with others.
3. Even though I'm busy with three children, I'm not as busy as I was a year ago.  In recent months I've felt a yearning to achieve goals -- but I wasn't sure what sort of goals.  I definitely didn't want to go so far as to get a job outside of the home (my family couldn't handle that right now), but I needed it to be more than, say, "read 10 books this month."  I'm excited to exit my comfort zone.

So, for the last two weeks I've been busy setting up my own small business.  It's been fun, and scary.  I was planning to share my news with my closest friends and family via e-mail, but every time I sat down to write/edit the e-mail, it sounded as if I was trying to sell them something.  And since the people I was planning to e-mail are probably the same people who read this blog, I decided to share my news this way instead.

In addition to this post, I want to continue to use this blog to share my experience with Mary Kay, but I've decided to limit that to once a week (Mary Kay Mondays!).  That being said, my promise best intentions are to blog three times a week total, so that you can follow my Mary Kay journey if you so choose, and also stay up to date on our family (which is probably why you read this blog in the first place).

Thanks for listening, and happy Monday!


Anonymous said...

Ashley, congrats on your new venture!
It'll be good for you!
Aunt Shannon

Ashley Wyckoff said...

Thank you, Aunt Shannon! I agree!