Saturday, September 19, 2015

A little bit of randomness to kick off your weekend...

It's the weekend!  We're going to Annapolis this afternoon to visit friends who are in town from Washington State.  There will be lots of kids running around, which always makes for a good time!

Tomorrow after church, Sydney and I are going to a Nationals game with some of my Mary Kay friends.  Syd and I are most looking forward to fun with friends, and eating hot dogs and cotton candy (sorry, baseball).

I made this chicken parmesan recipe Thursday night and it was truly amazing.

We had breakfast for dinner last night (the kids had pumpkin chocolate chip muffins -- a Trader Joe's mix -- and bacon and fruit), and this is my go to breakfast casserole for Chet and me.

I also made this chicken recipe some time time last week, and the flavor was really good.  The only problem was that I overcooked the chicken because our meat thermometer is absolutely terrible since it has free will and tells you whatever temperature it feels like (rather than the correct temperature).  So if you have any recommendations for good meat thermometers, please share.

I like when Sydney let's me fancy up her ponytail, which is rare:

Chet, Bubby, and Chewbacca taking selfies in Target:

Lorelei loves these Calico Critters, and has some more coming her way for her birthday.  She basically loves anything tiny enough for younger siblings to swallow:

Sydney had her first library day at school this past Monday.  She couldn't wait to show me the book she chose when she got home.  She was gushing about how cute it was while she was retrieving it from her backpack:
Okay.  For those of you who know me well, you know that I cannot stand rodents.  Here is the list of rodents I absolutely cannot stand, in order of dislike:
1. rats
2. mice
3. ferrets
4. guinea pigs
5. hamsters
6. rabbits
7. any other member of the rodent family
8. birds (I know birds aren't rodents, but they really scare me too)

I realize most people don't share my dislike, at least not for numbers 3 through 8 on the list, and that's fine.  Normal, even.  I realize I have a problem.  Needless to say, we didn't "have time" to read Sydney's library pick this week, and thankfully I didn't have any nightmares.

Speaking of book choices, there is a free little library at Lorelei's preschool (which means you can borrow and leave books without a checkout system).  The pickings were slim for children's books this week, so Lorelei chose this:
As a non-lover of fantasy fiction, and owls (owls fall under #8 on the above list), I was less thrilled than she was about her choice.  Thankfully 219 pages with no pictures ended up not appealing to Lorelei, so I successfully dodged another bullet.

Happy weekend, my friends!

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Anonymous said...

I'm in agreement - 100% - with your dislike of rodents list!!

Aunt Shannon