Friday, September 18, 2015

Four Little Admirals

As happy as I am that school is back in session, our new schedule is taking a lot more getting used to than I anticipated.  I'll write another post detailing all of the "firsts" from the past couple of weeks, including pictures, but for now just know that Sydney loves Kindergarten, Lorelei loves "the Monkey's class" (all of the preschool classes are named after animals), and Ford (Bubby) is as happy and as chubby as ever.  Like I said, I'm glad that we're back on a schedule, but I didn't foresee two weeks flying by without having a chance to blog.

(Of course, I could have given up a nap or two to blog, or an episode of "The Good Wife" one evening, but life is full choices...)

Speaking of napping, I never nap.  Except when I'm pregnant.  Surprise!  I think most of the people who read this blog already know we're expecting baby #4, but in case you didn't know...surprise!

I'm 16 week along, and the due date is March 3rd (which probably means this will be a late February baby).  I've been to the OB twice so far; my next appointment is the "big ultrasound" on October 20th.  (We're finding out the gender.  I asked Chet what he thought about not finding out, and his answer was, "That's a terrible idea."  Well.)

(Secretly I'm thankful he thought it was a terrible idea, because the Type A in me always wants to know and prefers not to be surprised.)

I've taken two belly pictures so far, at 14 weeks and 16 weeks.  Hopefully we'll get back into the swing of things and remember to take one every week.
14 Weeks
16 Weeks

Apparently gray is my favorite color.  (I meant to take the belly picture last night before changing into my pajamas, but obviously I forgot.  That, or the thought of pajamas was just way too good to pass up.)

It was hard to find a good place in this house to take these pictures.  Our house is nice and bright throughout the day, all natural light from the windows that are in every room.  But at night it's quite dungeon-like.  So these pictures are being taken just inside the front door (that's the porch door you see to my right), and just before snapping the picture I have to shove all of the backpacks, diaper bags, and shoes out of the way so that you don't confuse these pictures with an application to "Hoarding: Buried Alive."

I feel like I'm showing much sooner than I did in my previous pregnancies.  About four weeks ago a woman at the park (who I didn't know), asked when I was due.  Lady, it's way too soon to be asking me that; you are a very brave person.

Happy Friday, everyone!

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