Thursday, September 3, 2015


Thriday - a term referring to the Thursday before a long holiday weekend, but used only when you do not have to go to work Friday.

Today is our Friday, and therefore the END OF SUMMER (I would light off fireworks if it were legal)!!!  Chet is off work Friday and Monday for Labor Day, and Sydney starts school Tuesday.  Which is a good thing, because as of yesterday summer officially overstayed its welcome.  Not only has it been hotter these last few days (and for the foreseeable 10-day forecast) than it's been all year, but yesterday afternoon I found myself issuing empty threats such as "6-year olds don't act this way, so I guess on January 27th you won't be turning 6!!!!!"  (Unfortunately, Sydney called my bluff on this.  See?  THIS is why summer has officially overstayed its welcome.  I no longer have any game.)

Anyway, we have a busy (but fun!) Friday and Saturday ahead of us, but an unscheduled Sunday and Monday, which probably makes it the perfect holiday weekend.  This weekend is Navy football's season opener as well as Chet's 10-year reunion.  We are going to Annapolis Friday to watch a parade and to shop at the mid store, and then Saturday morning we'll go back for a tailgater and the game against Colgate.

Changing the subject, I cooked the slow cooker honey garlic chicken and veggies for dinner last night.  I don't know what I was thinking (my mind must have been occupied trying to come up with more empty threats for 5-year olds), but I let the crockpot cook about an hour longer than I should have (ours cooks fast, so if a recipe calls for 8 hours of slow cooking, I only need to let it cook 7 hours, tops).  But I let it cook the full 8 hours, so the chicken was a little overdone (also, I used 3 chicken breasts instead of chicken thighs).  The flavor was great though, and I thought the veggies turned out fine.  However, even though the recipe was easy, what I didn't like is that you had to baste every hour.  The crockpot was so full of chicken and vegetables, basting was easier said than done.  So I'm not sure if I'll cook this again.

The girls have been on a hot chocolate kick lately, so yesterday morning I used this recipe to make my own.  I thought it was delicious, at least as good as pre-packaged hot chocolate, but the girls disagreed.

Picture time!

The girls asked me to take this picture of them with their toys.  They don't have this much floor space in their room anymore, because last weekend we separated their bunk beds (they've been wanting them separated, and Ford figured out how to climb the ladder to the top bunk, something we'd rather him not do unsupervised):

Chet took Sydney to a Washington Nationals game a few weeks ago.  I only told her the plan a few minutes before Chet arrived home from work to pick her up.  She was excited, but confused.  Her response to "You're going to a baseball game with daddy" was, " we're just going to sit there and watch other people play a baseball game?"

The girls made Elsa and Anna crowns for themselves the other day, accompanied by wigs Grammy gave them last Halloween:

Goofballs (especially Lorelei):

Bubby took another foot selfie:

Grammy sent us this anniversary card, and Lorelei loves it so much she has claimed it as one of her own treasures.  When she first saw it she said, "AWW!  Those sharks are so nice because they're sharing food!"  I don't think she gathered the food was human.

Happy Thriday (or Friday, if you have to work tomorrow)!


Anonymous said...

Viva, Sydney, so smart! And Lorelei is getting very photogenic! Baby toes!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Great title!!!