Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Mid-Week Madness

Actually, there's not much madness around here, just every day life.

I'll hit the highlights of the week so far:

Monday: I drove to Round Rock early in the morning for a doctor appointment (I'm getting the terrible varicose veins in my legs fixed in the near future!).  The kids and I went to Walmart and the Walmart McDonald's in the evening while Chet was in class.  We're nothing if not classy.

Tuesday: Lorelei tried out a gymnastics class and loved it, so we signed up.  There's a playground (shaded!) where Ford can play while he, Ruthie, and I wait for Lorelei's class to end.  Also, we got our van back from the body shop!  I always miss my van (even though they provide us with a rental van).  I missed it so much I decided it needed the ultimate treatment before putting all of the carseats back in it, which means that Chet detailed the inside at 8 p.m. (My love language is "clean carseats and detail interior of car.")  I may or may not have said these exact words to Chet: "I want that console so clean I can eat off of it." #yikes

Wednesday: Nothing much to report about today.  Sydney went to her weekly piano lesson.  We ate leftovers for dinner (tacos).  Ruthie refused an afternoon nap.  Ford refused to eat dinner.  The usual.

Random picture time:

This is significant because it was the first time Ruthie took a bottle (Monday!).  I snuck in from my doctor appointment to find them like this and took a strangely angled picture so that she wouldn't see me and thus break the spell:

Ford playing at the gymnastics playground.  I told him to smile, and he held this smile/pose for at least 20 seconds.  Reminded me of Kate Winslet on the bow of the Titanic:

The gymnast:

Dinner shenanigans:

Ruthie was in a spunky mood the other day while Ford napped:

One of her new "things" is to have her mouth wide open in this exact position:
It's hilarious/weird.

Aaaaaaaand she's done.

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