Friday, January 8, 2010

36 Weeks

Hi, everyone! Here is my 36-week picture, compared to my 35-week picture. I can't tell or feel much of a difference, but 36 weeks seems so much closer to me than 35 weeks! Only a month to go (hopefully...I'd rather her not be late!).

I had a doctor appointment this past Monday, and it went very well. She estimated that the baby weighs 5 lbs, and probably won't weight more than 7 lbs at birth. We also did an ultrasound, and her heartbeat is in the 150s and she's head down, with her feet somewhere near my left ribcage. The doctor had no reason to think I would deliver sooner than my due date, then said, "But who knows...she could come any day!". Hmm... That made me want to install the car seat and pack our bags immediately, but I've chilled out a little since then. My next appointment is Friday, January 15th.

35 Weeks
36 Weeks


CranfordFamily said...

You look absolutely beautiful pregnant!!! I'm so happy! I am working on something special for "YE" can't wait to send it off to you!! I ran into your mom Sunday at Kroger and she is soooooo excited!! She said she thinks she knows what baby girl's name will be! We'll see though! I miss you so much! Oh and I started a blog too, follow me!


Danielle said...

You're getting SOOOO close!! Isn't it just aggravating at this point? And scary...because she really could come any day, and you don't want it to happen in an awkward at work....haha. I'm so excited for you! :D

Jill Shaver said...

You're close! So exciting. I wish you all the best for your labor and delivery. I think it's so wonderful that you took pictures every month to track your growth, you will really appreciate that you did that in the future, and your little girl will think it's neat when she's older too!