Sunday, January 17, 2010

37 Weeks

Well, I would have posted this picture sooner, but we had to take our computer to Best Buy to get "fixed" (they claimed there was nothing wrong with it) last Sunday, and we just got it back yesterday (Saturday). Also, our TV (we only have one) has been broken for nearly two weeks now! (I love saying that out loud, because it sounds so ridiculous to me.) One morning I turned it on to watch the news, just like I always do, and a few minutes later it turned off by itself. The problem has since been diagnosed and the replacement part ordered by Best Buy, and the repairman is scheduled to fix it this coming Thursday. What have we been doing without a TV or computer? Chores around the house that we've been putting off, and putting a puzzle together (because it's been too cold to do anything outdoors). Chet said, "I feel like we live in the 1800s".

In other news, and to get back to the point of my blog entry, here is my 37-week (and 36-week) picture!
36 Weeks
37 Weeks

I think I look (and I definitely feel) bigger. Also, it's not noticeable in the picture (or even in person, really), but the baby has definitely dropped and is now sitting squarely on my bladder. I had a doctor appointment this past Friday (the doctor agreed that the baby had dropped), and I am 2 cm dilated and 75% effaced! I wasn't sure what to expect at the appointment, and was betting myself that I hadn't made any progress, but was pleasantly surprised! The doctor doesn't think I'll make it to my due date (February 3rd); she thinks I'll have the baby within two weeks! Chet and I decided to take bets on when she'll be born: Chet thinks January 24th, I think January 27th. Any guesses? My next appointment is this coming Friday (January 22nd), so I'll update you after that!


CranfordFamily said...

Awe, wouldn't it be fun to share your birthday with her?!? I'm gonna go with the 31st!

The Jackmans said...

I will go with the 28th :)
we will be praying for a quick and easy delivery!!!