Monday, January 25, 2010

38 Weeks (still no baby)

Some of you might be wondering if we have a baby by now since it's taken me a while to post this, but (alas!) no baby yet. I had another doctor appointment last Friday, and I didn't make any progress (still 2 cm dilated and 75% effaced). I was discouraged, even though I know there's no reason to be and I still have time, but I'm ready to have this baby! The week prior to my appointment I felt like she had gotten bigger, and the doctor confirmed it for me when she exclaimed, "Wow, this baby added some bulk this week!". Honestly, I'd rather her not gain much more "bulk", because I'm sure she's already plenty big...

Although I was discouraged Friday, I'm more encouraged now, because Friday night my lower back started to ache, and has been all weekend. I have another appointment tomorrow, so hopefully I'll have made a little more progress...

Also, here are the votes for little one's birthday!
--January 24th (that was Chet's guess, so he's out of the running)
--January 25th
--January 27th (my guess)
--January 28th
--January 31st (my birthday...this is Casey's guess, and a much better guess than her first one, which was February 11th!)
--February 5th
37 Weeks
38 Weeks


Danielle said...

Lower back aching is a good sign! Are your hips hurting, too? Looking back, I think that was my first sign...I just didn't know that at the time! My original guess was that you'd have her by today...still possible! I hope she comes soon, though, because I know exactly how ya feel!

CranfordFamily said...

=) I hope she comes sooner than later - we'll see though!! I am going to put something in the mail for her tomorrow! I hope it makes it in time before she gets here....I've been so busy and procrastinating a little!!!