Wednesday, August 3, 2011

28 Weeks and Random Syd Pictures

Here is my 28-week picture. Even though I promised, I did not wear a more practical outfit for the photo because it was too much effort to go upstairs and change. I will not compare this photo to last week's since last week's outfit was equally outrageous (in that you really can't get an idea of how my belly looks). I will compare the photo to Syd's 28-week picture though! (Also, I realize I've been lazy about making the weekly pictures look as similar as possible. Sydney made another appearance in this week's picture.)

28 Weeks

28 Weeks with Syd

For a few weeks now I've been able to put Sydney's hair in a "ponytail". It's a half-up, off-t0-the-side ponytail that looks cute with a bow. Her hair is certainly long enough to go in a real ponytail (in the back of her head), but I haven't tried it yet because I think it would bother her while she's sitting in her carseat. Today I did try half-up pigtails for the first time. Chet liked them...I just wish I had matching bows for each side...

half-up, to-the-side ponytail with bow


half-up pigtails

Sydney says some funny things. Any time she runs into something, or I run into something, she says, "Sorry!". She also says "Hot!" every time we walk outside. And hot it is! I can't wait for fall weather... I know I said it last year, but I would be perfectly content skipping summer and going straight from spring to fall. Mississippi is MUCH hotter than Jacksonville.

We were trying to catch her saying, "I don't know" and doing the I-don't-know-hand motion, which she likes to use.

She's shouting, "Hooray!".

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