Sunday, August 21, 2011

31 Weeks!

Here is my 31-week picture (wow, I am REALLY on the ball with these...toot toot! There goes my horn!). (By the way, please ignore how I look in this picture...we had just returned home from the playground and we were all sweating.)

30 Weeks

31 Weeks
I'm still feeling well, except for my legs. I don't think I've mentioned it on here, but I've contracted terrible varicose veins in my legs this pregnancy. They are painful and ugly...I am praying they subside after I have the baby. My Jacksonville doctor prescribed me a pair of compression stockings that make my legs look really tan, but make me SWEAT! The stockings really do make my legs feel better, but I DO NOT like wearing them. Even though I said they make me look tan, they make feel self-conscious and as if everyone is staring at my legs, but it's too hot NOT to wear shorts right now, so it's not as if I can hide them. Anyway, woe is me, right? Also, my growth scan (which I still think is just an ultrasound) is tomorrow afternoon; I will be sure to update you on how that goes (please pray is goes well!).

Saturday I went crazy in the baby's nursery and put away and organized every single thing she will need for the first three months (I say three months because all of her clothing larger than three months is still in boxes and needs sorting). Actually, I put away and organized everything I have on hand; there are still some things I need before she is born, but not many. And there is a five-shelf bookcase in her room that still has 1.5 empty shelves that need decorating. :-) But I'm glad to have accomplished so much; it makes me breathe a little easier!

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